(This post is part of an ongoing “Give Yourself a Break” series)

An often over-looked area of having a better work life is ergonomics. Uncomfortable employees can’t work as well as comfortable ones can, and the differences in health speak for themselves. Take the initiative today, with the following 5 tips, to feel great at work.

1. No long-distance relationships with your desk.

Keep things you need like scissors, phone receiver, etc., close enough within reach that you won’t need to spend time and effort stretching for them. Too much awkward reaching over the course of time will takes it toll, physically.

2. Don’t be afraid of heights.

I’m a big guy with long legs, so I take that into account when adjusting the height on my chair, monitor and desk. Whether you’re under 5 foot, average, or a walking giant like me; make sure the height of your personal work environment compliments you.

3. Lumbar, baby.

Back pain is an overwhelmingly common complaint by people all over the world. Without proper attention, lumbar (lower back) area discomfort can become a nightmare. Use a chair that contours to your body shape and/or utilize a soft pillow made for this purpose.

4. Easy come, easy go.

Sitting down at, and getting up from one’s desk happens hundreds of times a month; translating into thousands of times a year. These entries to and exits of personal workspace areas should be effortless. Minimize clutter in the way, so body contortions will be avoided.

5. Watch the hands, pal.

Healthy paws mean increased productivity and of course less stress. Decreasing the risk of carpal tunnel and other hand ailments is easy. By having a mouse that fits the hand well, a keyboard not too far away (see #1), and shoulders that can drop to a relaxed position, long lasting comfort will ensue.