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I’m settling into a few days away from my full-time job to relax and celebrate Christmas with family, so needless to say I’m excited to be near my loved ones. It’ll be a good opportunity to recharge my creativity and work on the blog here at

How is everyone’s drafting of New Year’s resolutions coming along? Thus far, I have settled on 5 main, inspiring goals for 2008. Back to the matter at hand; let’s list off the best in self-improvement blogs over the past week.

The Fever of Humanity and the Antidote: Reconciling Self-Love and Self-Improvement

Albert, the net’s Urban Monk, offers up a dish of refreshingly tasty self-realization advice through his caring, insightful writing style.

Who cares about your job title - tell me what you DO!

Alexander, the Chief Happiness Officer, inspires professionals to focus on the work we do in the world and not being tied down to a specific title.

Making the Decision to Improve Our Standard of Living by Spending More

David illustrates the decision we all have to make on whether or not a higher quality of life is worth the hefty price tag. Weigh-in by commenting on this post.

Are You Winding Down A Little Too Much?

Cathering tackles the issues When relaxing become slacking. This n.h.b. blogger injects a swift jump into the ’sphere’s collective step by pointing out the downfalls of extended breaks.

Using Questions To Control Communication

Leon Ho of LifeHack penned a helpful piece on improving talks inside and out of work by posing questions. A must-read.

Don’t Break Your Back! Tips to Healthy Posture

Tina at Think Simple Now hits on a point many office workers ignore… posture. Be good to yourself, read Tina’s article.

The Right Seat on the Right Bus

Sonnie who hails from the Filipines, always produces tough-invoking writing. Bookmark his blog and you’ll be glad you did.

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I wish you all a relaxing, enjoyable weekend.

Photo by: Flickr user benimoto