girl painting wall red

I’ve been involved with a lot of design lately at work, and it has been a great source of self-discovery in regards to keeping creativity afloat. Staying increasingly focused has been a fun challenge and new content by some of my favorite bloggers have fueled my productivity fire.

Holiday Gift Guide, Part 4: Frugal Homemade Gifts - Flexo at Consumerism Commentary serves up some great gift-giving notions that keep wallet size in mind while still pleasing the ones you love. As cheesy as it mauy be perceived, a knit sweater is still a great present.

Your Guide to Get Spinning in the Idea Tornado - Tina Su’s blog Think Simple Now has quickly become one of my favorite blogs around. Reading her truthful insight goes down like a warm cup of tea. Enjoy this recent post on how to spurn creativity.

Are You A Doormat? - Catherine Lawson asks us to stand up for ourselves and stop being a doormat. Grab an extra helping of motivation by checking out her article.

Customer Service At Its Best - Thanks SmugMug - Top-notch customer services is rare to find these days, but for David at My Two Dollars… it found him.

Be Frugal and Use Public Transportation - Commuting to work takes time, effort and money. David of MoneyNing illustrates why you should take advantage of public trans systems and save on all of these.

Reader Discussion: Should we have beliefs? - Browse through an interesting comments section in which Albert aka the Urban Monk asks his readers whether belief development is healthy.

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I wish you all a relaxing, enjoyable weekend.